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Wisdom Coach Pamela Garrett is a powerful, personal coach who believes individuals are here to be exceptional in all they seek and create. She believes that each individual has inherent, intuitive skills to make life changing decisions.

Functioning as an objective observer in the coaching process, Pamela addresses the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of the information she receives. In sharing this information you are supported at the level you desire to change. In seeking this change, Pamela uses her unique formal/informal style to empower you to make changes in your life!

As an Experiential Life Coach, Pamela applies both personal and business experiences in coaching individuals to achieve their exceptional potential.  Her curriculum vitae spans entrepreneurial and corporate business and broad life experiences, including some of the most devastating AND most joyful of life’s experiences.

You will feel the compassion and understanding from the deepest levels of her heart and soul. Pamela also shares a wonderful sense of humor in her work! This combination provides Pamela with the knowledge, skills and courage to support individuals through an assortment of life’s challenges, shifting the energy from one of despair and discouragement to the joy of new ways of being.

Whether your desired changes relates to health, business, personal, or your spiritual life, all are welcomed to experience the unique Wisdom Life Coaching process. 

“Pamela’s intuitive insight , wisdom & compassion are gifts that she utilizes in her coaching. She has helped me to break old patterns & move forward in my life’s journey, with new confidence.”   JB

“Your coaching gave me back my life!”    CF

“If you want to get to the next level in any aspect of your life, allow Pamela to be the first step in helping you achieve this. It can change your life!”     PM